The main focus of Chemome Pharma Pvt Ltd is to build research collaborations with industry to deliver affordable human health care products and services.
We provide technical consultancy services to R&D laboratories and manufacturing units of various pharmaceutical industries. We support in-process intensification, and process troubleshooting, associated with pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing industries. We ensure and assure timely delivery of projects, as per commitment, during the initial phase of discussion of projects. Our pool of eminent scientists are the backbone of the company's research program and support it by developing non-infringing and non-conventional synthetic routes. Our research is based on the principles of Green Chemistry and Engineering, which leads to develop innovative, safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly chemical manufacturing processes with minimal or zero waste to manufacture high quality materials. Our pool of eminent scientists are very versatile in the knowledge of the pharma ecosystem, covering all areas of pharmaceutical, chemical and allied research. The ability to develop difficult-to-make, complex organic molecules by using novel and non-conventional technologies is the key differentiating factor of our research.

Custom Synthesis

We are providing support to a wide range of industries by delivering world-class, cost-effective, robust and safe technologies by our in-house scientists with complete confidentiality.

Areas of expertise includes:

  • Synthesis of Impurities
  • Intermediates for chemicals and APIs
  • APIs Development
  • Speciality Chemicals
  • NCE Building blocks
  • Isolation and Characterization of unknown impurity

Contract Research And Custom Technology Development

We are providing contract research and technology development to a wide range of customers, which includes chemical, pharmaceutical and various other related industries by maintaining confidentiality in projects. Our services includes both contract manufacturing and technology development.

Analytical / Testing Facility

We have access to highly sophisticated analytical and testing facilities which are approved by the USFDA. We have expertise in testing of Genotoxic impurities. We also provide analytical services to our customers by
  • 1. ICP-MS
  • 2. ICP-OES
  • 3. AAS
  • 4. LCMS
  • 5. GCMS
  • 6. HPLC
  • 7. GC
  • 8. NMR
  • 9. XRD
  • 10. IR-Spectroscopy
  • 11. Scanning electron microscope (SEM-EDXS)
  • 12. Transmission electron microscope (TEM)
  • 13. Melting point
  • 14. Boiling point
  • 15. Specific optical rotation
  • 16. Moisture content (KF Analysis)
  • 17. Ammonia-TPD and TPR
  • 18. DSC
  • 19. TGA
  • 20. BET Surface area and porosity analysis